Thursday, March 17, 2016


While Comrade's Executive meet held here in Dubai was largely a platform for executives to brainstorm the company's nuances in Comrade Plus and ERP mantra, the lengthy question and answer session that followed dove into the further simplifying and customizing of the existing Software solutions. Leading off the questions here at Al Mamzar Centre was Mr. Subair Ali, Business Development Officer. "The absence of userfriendly customisations in the various software packages available in the UAE market is hammering the growth of tech companies for years, with customers switching Software packages regularly." Mr Subair siad.

Mr. Sam Kurakar, Partner and Managing Director,Comrade announced the appointment of new members to the Executive, and is planned to be implemented by 20th of March 2016."It's not just about words, it's robust action and having a rich dialog about having a culture of inclusiveness, help an organisation tide through tough times", said Mr. Basheer Ahmed, Sales Head - Middle East.

Mr. Abhilash Krishnan, Project Head - Comrade ERP Ultra who followed Mr. Basheer touched on the importance of a combined and shared initiative by the Sales Department for achieving cent percent customer satisfaction. Mr. Reuben Canavil, highlighted the importance of referential marketing and word of mouth advertising and how Comrade have emerged strong in the market through making exisitng customers the product-advocates in UAE Market. The meeting concluded by finalising and narrowing down on the immediate launch of an updated version of Comrade ERP Lite.