Wednesday, July 29, 2015


“He will be known with many epitaphs. Among them, the ‘Missile Man’ and ’People’s President’ will stand out. Along with these titles and honour shields, he will be remembered as the most selfless, poignant patriot, India have witnessed during his era.” Mr. Sam Kurakar, Managing Director, Comrade Software Marketing LLC emotioned during the remembrance function of Dr.. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the Former President of India, which was held in Dubai, UAE.

The chief dignitary, Mr. Ravi Pillai highlighted the dedication and perseverance of Mr. Abdul Kalam, which the younger generation should copy. “‘The News Paper Boy’ from Rameswaram rose to become ‘The Missile Man’ of India through sheer drive and mental toughness to succeed. When his ‘Wings of Fire’ motivated the youth by the path traversed by this gentle leader, his ‘India 2020’ saw the visionary in him”. Mr. Pillai said.

Mr. Moncy Abraham, Sales Head, UAE Chapter reminded his team members about the uniqueness of Mr. APJs qualities. “Kalam Sir was a great human being, a genius and a man who lived for his nation. His vision for India 2020 should not go shattered.” Mr. Moncy reiterated.

Employees of Comrade Software Marketing LLC, Dubai Chapter remembers  with honor, the unparallel services rendered by this great human being.

 CRO, Comrade Software Marketing LLC